[Mono-list] NAnt / PowerPC

Mike Cleaver mike at moga.to
Mon Dec 15 08:29:56 EST 2008

Hi all,

I've just upgraded to Mono 2.2 (preview 2, via package) on my powerpc  
based mac laptop (old school I know but I left my work laptop at the  
office over the weekend).  Haven't been able to get NAnt to work, I  
get the error:


NAnt currently does not support this platform (MacOSX, ID = 6).

I tried installing a copy of NAnt .85 which I'm pretty sure I have  
previously used without any problem but it has the same issue, I can't  
compile from NAnt source either since it is self dependant.

Has anyone worked around this?  I'm dead broke and still can't afford  
a decent laptop!


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