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Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Thu Dec 11 18:27:58 EST 2008


Am 11.12.2008 um 22:03 schrieb Charlie Poole:

> Follow up question on application installs:
> The whole autotools thing seems like a bit of overkill for
> a pure .NET application.

While many Mono-related managed tools [1] do use autoconf, ...

> Is it reasonable to just use a
> simple install target that copies everything under $(prefix)?
> Any good examples to look at?

Git comes to mind - they use a Makefile install target as you  
describe, but there's nothing .NET/Mono related.

Many Unix tools use autotools, which brings some tools for free -  
e.g., documentation of switches, logging to config.log, overriding  
prefix directories (--bindir=... etc.) and installing to a clean root  
dir for packaging (`make install DESTDIR=...`).
It's unintuitive to use on Windows though for most people. But so is a  


[1] MonoDevelop, Mono.ZeroConf, gtk-sharp, etc.

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