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Fri Dec 5 10:33:47 EST 2008

Quite some time ago I posted about FreeTrain on this list.

Since then quite a bit happened with the project.  It's been pretty
much fully translated, which is great .  However, porting to Linux has
met with several obstacles.

An SDL port was, after much effort, shown to be near-impossible due to
Winforms and SDL not able to work together in the same Window.  The
developer of the Tao project tried and failed with this, so it's
simply a no-go.

However AgateLib looks a lot more promising.  It's a 2D game library
based on FMOD and OpenTK - which works fine with Winforms.

I created a branch here:

Sadly I am way out of my depth and it's unlikely that I'll ever be
versed enough in both game development and .NET/Mono to make any
progress because, outside of FreeTrain, I just don't work with the

If there is any half-competent .NET developer who wants to see a great
FOSS .NET game running on Mono - a complete and impressive game or, to
quote Atsushi Eno, "*the only* valuable .NET application for years" -
then this is an opportunity to help that happen.



Thanks for reading, please pass on the request to anybody you think
might be interested.  It'd be great to have this game running on
Linux, if not to showcase Mono, then just to have another cool game on
the scene.

 - Charlie

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