[Mono-list] Debugging compiler error

Mike Cleaver mike at moga.to
Sun Apr 27 21:50:37 EDT 2008

I've been having some trouble recently with a compiler exception  
running gmcs via Nant for my project.

       [csc] /Users/mikecleaver/Source/crabcat.framework/fastrecord/ 
lists/sqllist.cs(140,33): warning CS0219: The variable `records' is  
assigned but its value is never used
       [csc] Unhandled Exception: Mono.CSharp.InternalErrorException:  
Overload verification expected failure
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.MethodGroupExpr.OverloadResolve  
(Mono.CSharp.EmitContext ec, System.Collections.ArrayList& Arguments,  
Boolean may_fail, Location loc) [0x00000]
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.Attribute.ResolveConstructor  
(Mono.CSharp.EmitContext ec) [0x00000]
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.Attribute.Resolve () [0x00000]
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.Attribute.Emit  
(System.Collections.Specialized.ListDictionary allEmitted) [0x00000]
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.Attributes.Emit () [0x00000]
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.PropertyBase.Emit () [0x00000]
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.TypeContainer.EmitType () [0x00000]
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.RootContext.EmitCode () [0x00000]
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.Driver.MainDriver (System.String[] args)  
       [csc]   at Mono.CSharp.Driver.Main (System.String[] args)  

I'm running mono from the 1.9_5 osx package (downloading 1.9.1 to try  
it at the moment).  The file it is compiling is quite large and I've  
had trouble trying to figure out where it is failing (currently  
looking at the compiler source to try and figure it out).

Is there some way to dump the command line that Nant is executing?

And once i can do that, is there some way to get gmcs to give me a  
better idea of where in the source it is having trouble?

Cheers for any advice, this has been killing my progress,

- Mike

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