[Mono-list] Issues related to EventLog class

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Sun Apr 20 04:12:52 EDT 2008


There's a local file implementation of the EventLog which also works on
linux, but it is not enabled by default.

See the MONO_EVENTLOG_TYPE environment variable in the mono manpage for more

Currently there's no support for syslog, but this would not be all that hard
to add. The best solution would be to move the EventLogImpl base class
(which is currently internal) to one of the Mono assemblies, and implement a
provider model.  That way, the syslog-based eventlog provider could be
shipped as part of Mono.Posix.


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I've recently needed to port some .NET software from Windows to Linux and so
far everything has been smooth sailing, though with some lack of sleep, and
its almost finished but I've come to a dead stop as the EventLog class is
used to retrieve information from the system, administration and security
logs in Windows but unfortunately the EventLog class has no functionality in
*nix systems and so I'm left in bit of a rut here and I'm overwhelmed as, at
the moment, my only options is to parse /var/log/syslog myself and this
distresses me because it does not seem very portable, the format of the log
could very easily be very different across the large assortment of Linux
distros, or the log could be in a totally different format, e.g. MetaLog or

So basically said, with EventLog off the table, I need a reliable way to
parse the /var/log/syslog, maybe some others, reliably that would work
across different distros, or most anyway, I'd be willing to do some
P/Invoking to an external library.

Anyone have any ideas?

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