[Mono-list] [MonoDevelop] Moving Focus Between Form

Andreia Gaita shana.ufie at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 10:19:36 EDT 2007

On 9/14/07, Tri_Nguyen at dell.com <Tri_Nguyen at dell.com> wrote:
> Hi I am new to Mono, and I not sure this is a right place to ask this
> question:

The best place would be either the mono list or the mono-winforms list
(if it's a winforms problem you're having). I've cc'd the mono-list
for you, please subscribe to it if haven't done so already.

> 1.       I am trying to port a C# Windows app to Mono running on SLES 10.1.
> The app starts with one form, and base on user input , it can launch other
> forms.  When this happens, the new form gets focus, and I can click on the
> previous form (parent?), and get focus.  On mono, the app behaves
> differently:  I cannot get focus back to the previous, unless I close the
> new form.

What version of mono are you running? The latest stable one is 1.2.5,
so you might be stumbling onto a problem that's already been fixed, if
you're running an older version. Also, a small test to replicate your
problem would be helpful.

andreia gaita

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