[Mono-list] Gecko WebControl in a WinForm, possible?

"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Thu Sep 13 04:47:47 EDT 2007

R. K. Wijayaratne escribió:
> Thanks for your feedback. However I am ideally wanting to target Mono 
> 1.x platform if possible.

I think you're confusing terms. When I referred to 2.0 profile, I was 
referring at the .NET version. Mono 1.2.x can be used for targeting the 
2.0 profile or the 1.1 profile (for example for using generics).

> I created a Glade form with a Gecko WebControl, however my WinForms app 
> is MDI based so it does not seem possible to add the Glade form to the 
> parent WinForm.
> The only other option that I can think of is taking the Mono 2.x 
> WebControl and seeing if I can adapt it to work with Mono 1.x.

As I said above, I guess you're confusing things. There's no Mono 2.x or 
Mono 1.x.


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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