[Mono-list] Gecko WebControl in a WinForm, possible?

R. K. Wijayaratne rwijayaratne at yahoo.com.au
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Thanks for your feedback. However I am ideally wanting to target Mono 1.x platform if possible. 

I created a Glade form with a Gecko WebControl, however my WinForms app is MDI based so it does not seem possible to add the Glade form to the parent WinForm.

The only other option that I can think of is taking the Mono 2.x WebControl and seeing if I can adapt it to work with Mono 1.x.

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R. K. Wijayaratne escribi?:
> Hello everyone,
> I was wondering if it was possbile to use a gecko WebControl in a purely 
> WinForms based application under Mono?

It's not necessary, you could use the WebControl class from WinForms 
(2.0 profile), but it's implemented on SVN (and will be available in 
next mono version).

More info:


    Andr?s    [ knocte ]


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