[Mono-list] Official Mono Repository for Ubuntu?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Sep 4 23:37:46 EDT 2007

> I'm really disappointed about this. I don't want to discuss about what
> distribution is better. 

I am not.   Am pointing you to a distribution that we support directly.

Supporting the RPM distributions for us is easy, adding DEB for us is
hard because it requires cycles that we do not have (it is not just a
matter of redoing the packaging, it is a matter of testing, QA, upgrade
paths and so on).

I do not want to spread ourselves too thin, we have a lot of packaging
needs that are not satisfied today and adding more distributions to the
mix is just not a priority. 

> But the fact is that Ubuntu is a major player today, which means that
> not even thinking about supporting it keeps lots of people like me
> testing and developing new stuff using mono.

You should bring this up with your distribution, they have the proper
resources to support this.   


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