[Mono-list] Official Mono Repository for Ubuntu?

Natan Vivo nvivo.misc at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 23:14:54 EDT 2007

I was afraid someone would bring OpenSuse as a better solution...
But coming from Miguel almost sounds like a big "NEVER!" =)

I'm really disappointed about this. I don't want to discuss about what
distribution is better.
But the fact is that Ubuntu is a major player today, which means that not
even thinking about supporting it keeps lots of people like me testing and
developing new stuff using mono.

I can build mono from source, but target users won't, so I can't use the
newer versions to develop anything until Ubuntu team updates it ... We have
1.2.5 and I need to wait another month to get 1.2.4, and maybe another 6 to
get 1.2.5...

If OpenSUSE Build service don't support deb packages, the official Mono team
could at least talk to the Debian Mono Group, the current working group for
mono on ubuntu, to see if they can keep a really updated version of mono and
monodevelop on the backports repository. This would be great, and they
already seem to have the expertise.

Natan Vivo

2007/9/4, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com>:
> > I mean, really official packages, released along with the ones for
> > Suse and RedHat, that are really updated and follow the release
> > versions, not what we have today...
> We currently do not have plans;    Ubuntu seems to have some pretty good
> up to date packages though.
> > As a long time .NET developer, I would love to develop stuff for linux
> > using mono but right now it is easier to install it on windows and
> > code using SharpDevelop then on my ubuntu machine.
> You could try OpenSUSE :-)
> Miguel.
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