[Mono-list] Updated Mono installation on Debian

Kevin Rohleder krohleder at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 12:38:14 EDT 2007

Hi all, I apologize for what's probably a pretty basic question, but...

I have gotten Mono and mod_mono working fine from the stable Debian
packages... but it's an old version, I'm not super familiar
with Debian or Linux in general (I just recently switched from
FreeBSD, which has a similar package system, but it's not exactly the
same), so I'm wondering what the best way to get the latest version
is. I tried getting the Mono packages from the Debian testing
distribution, which does have, but I pretty much screwed
everything up and none of my ASP.net apps would run anymore. I
downgraded back to the stable packages, and everything's fine again,
but I'm wondering how to proceed. Should I try the testing packages
again, and be more careful this time? Try compiling from source? Will
compiling work even though I have the package installed, or should I
uninstall the packages first?

Thanks for any help,


Kevin Rohleder
krohleder at gmail.com

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