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 >  how do I ask the Mono CLR to use a particular version of .NET. I have
tried the --version option, and I get an error for all values I supply for
that option. 
--version lists the version of mono.exe that you are running
use  --runtime=VERSION to select the runtime
for example, to run under the 2.0 profile, specify
The weird argument format is inherited from .NET, which uses it in the
COMPLUS_VERSION environment variable.

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I think that depends on the aplication conformance with wich of the
standarts ( .Net 1.0, 1.1 or 2.0 ) the application implements.

Vinicius Menezes

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I like someone to clarify which version of the .NET libraries is used when I
run a .NET application under each of the following conditions, using the
Mono command prompt on Windows:

1. Using the Mono CLR. That is, run "mono < app.exe>" where <app.exe> is the
.NET application.
- I assume the libraries in the Mono distribution are used.

2. Using the Microsoft CLR. That is, run "<app.exe>".
- I assume the libraries in the MS distribution are used. 


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