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I was afraid of an answer like that ;)
The .NET application is the simple one-line app from the Mono:Windows page
class X { static void Main () { System.Console.Write("OK");} } 
This application has no configuration file. I have the default Mono
installation for Windows. When I run the app with mono CLR, I simply say
"mono <app.exe>".
I also have MS .NET 2.0 installed.
I understand that the application and CLR configurations can be changed in
several ways, but assume the simplest case.
BTW, is there some documentation with examples on the different options for
mcs and mono, other than what is available from the -help option for these
commands? For example, how do I ask the Mono CLR to use a particular version
of .NET. I have tried the --version option, and I get an error for all
values I supply for that option.
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I think that depends on the aplication conformance with wich of the
standarts ( .Net 1.0, 1.1 or 2.0 ) the application implements.

Vinicius Menezes

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I like someone to clarify which version of the .NET libraries is used when I
run a .NET application under each of the following conditions, using the
Mono command prompt on Windows:

1. Using the Mono CLR. That is, run "mono < app.exe>" where <app.exe> is the
.NET application.
- I assume the libraries in the Mono distribution are used.

2. Using the Microsoft CLR. That is, run "<app.exe>".
- I assume the libraries in the MS distribution are used. 


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