[Mono-list] Looking for a skilled low-level programmer...

Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists at theroughnecks.com
Fri Nov 16 22:01:40 EST 2007

Okay, I have an IBM magnetic card reader/writer that works through a serial 
interface that I need to have working with C# 2.0 ...

Ideally I would like the following...
A property for the serial device and settings.
An event when a card is inserted (track data with event).
	OnCardLoad(byte[] track1, byte[] track2, byte[] track3)
A method to write to a card (send track data as a byte[] for each track?).
	WriteCard(byte[] track1, byte[] track2, byte[] track3)
An event when the card has been written (eject card when done).
	OnCardWrite(bool success)
An method to eject a card.

There are reference drivers in C, but this is not suitable for me to be able 
to maintain, and do the initial conversion on... I'm really weak WRT C code... 
it should probably take someone skilled with C, and some moderate .Net 
knowledge 10-15 hours to complete... (note: I don't want to call the reference 
driver dll/so, I want to communicate straight through a configured serial 

Contact me for more information... Also, I can setup a VMWare image, with the 
reader/writer connected for test purposes...

I am aware that some bytes are 5 or 7 bits, and will probably have to have 
some bounds/conversion from a 8 bit byte in .Net to the appropriate writes on 
the device... I haven't read that far into the source for the device yet... I 
think the device may only write to track2, again unsure...

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