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Engler, Eric Eric.Engler at zcsterling.com
Thu Nov 15 16:19:20 EST 2007

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>So i thoughed if there is possibility to use this nice new 
>SilverLight/MoonLight thingy

I don't understand why this has to be a desktop application? Are you
saying that users can't work with an application inside a browser?

Silverlight itself doesn't have many UI controls yet. You would normally
use ASP.NET with it to provide the UI controls. I guess you might get by
using WinForms for Glade UI controls with it, but I think you don't like
that option.

Most people using Silverlight are really making ASP.NET applications
that happen to have a Silverlight control on the page. Sometimes that
control is run fullscreen, especially with games, but their just aren't
enough UI objects in Silverlight yet to make a typical business style

>And the bad thing is that SilverLight can communicate only with 
>webservices under same webserver

I think the limitation is the same domain. So a linux web server and an
IIS web server in the same domain should be OK. But you could easily set
up a proxy on the server and have it call outside servers. You call your
server's web service, then he calls an outside web service on your
behalf and returns the result. 

Google can find you a lot of hits for a cross-domain proxy. Most of
these are intended to be called from JavaScript on a web page. If you
prefer a C# solution then just roll your own proxy as I explained.

Here's one example but its pretty complex for your purposes:

If you're not at all familiar with ASP.NET then you've got a lot of
learning to do in order to use this approach. I personally might
recommend Java with SWT as a simpler way to make a cross-platform
desktop GUI application. Someone else here mentioned it about a month
ago, also. C# and Java are quite similar. I normally prefer C#, but Java
has been around longer and Java's primary focus has been on
cross-platform applications.


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