[Mono-list] nunit issue that I'm having

Michael Masters michael.masters at rallydev.com
Fri Nov 2 19:05:54 EDT 2007

This is the version of mono that I'm using:

mono --version
Mono JIT compiler version (tarball)
Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Novell, Inc and Contributors. www.mono-project.com
        TLS:           normal
        GC:            Included Boehm (with typed GC)
        SIGSEGV:       normal
        Architecture:  x86
        Disabled:      none

I'm trying to compile an nUnit example, but I can't compile it unless I 
download nunit and tell mcs where the nunit framework is. I'm using mono 
on MacOSX. I have nunit-console installed, but mcs can't find the dll. I 
thought nUnit came with mono, so I'm not sure what's wrong. Does anyone 
have any suggestions? I'm really new to mono, so I just want to make 
sure I'm doing anything wrong.

-Michael Masters

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