[Mono-list] How to do a gui multi-platform app with Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Nov 1 19:41:27 EDT 2007

> My thought is that GTK# will make an app that looks like a linux app
> (even on Windows), and WinForms will make an app that looks like a
> Windows app (even on linux).

True, but Gtk# on Windows uses the Windows theme engine, so although
there are some slight differences, it pretty much looks like a Windows

In general, Windows apps differ too much from each other just because
developers have historically tried to differentiate their apps from the
rest by spicing things up, so am not sure that this is much of a

> All else being equal I'd probably prefer doing a WinForms app because I
> am the most familiar with it and I do all my development initially on
> Windows.

Eventually, our desire is to make the application use the theme engine
in Linux/Gtk, although that is still something far in the future.

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