[Mono-list] Mono Summit 2007 - Call for presenters

Jackson Harper jackson at ximian.com
Thu Nov 1 11:50:59 EDT 2007


We are in the process of putting together an agenda for the 2007 Mono
Summit in Madrid.  If you are a contributor or user of Mono, and are
interested in presenting, demoing or being involved in the summit in any
way, please send me an email with your proposal.

Please include in your proposal a topic, description, and your desired
presentation format (ie a Talk, Birds of a Feather, Company Sponsored
outing, or just a brief demo).  We will also need to know the length of
time you will need for your presentation.

The sooner you can provide this information the better.  If you have an
idea for a presentation but haven't worked out the details yet, contact
me and I can at least add you to the session list and insure that there
is room for you.


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