[Mono-list] Idea: Event-oriented icons in Moonlight

Freddy BL freddy_bl at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 30 10:20:58 EDT 2007

I have already mentioned the idea to use Moonlight for painting icons on the 

I now think it would really a very good idea, if there would existing 
eventoriented icons for Linux, created with Moonlight.

For example:
If you have a SVG dektop icon and it have a lot details, then it looks in 
large size good, but it small sizes bad. If you have a icon with view 
details, it looks in small sizes good, but in big sizes not so.

Event-oriented icons, would including code, so that there eixtsing "if"s and 
"else" commands to show in every size so much details as best.

If you have a icon for "xclock" or so on the desktop, the icon could itself 
show everytime the actual time.

The current trash have already two icons: One for a full trash and one for 
an empty trash.
A event-oriented trash-icon, would show an empty trash, if it is empty.
It would show a trash with one paper, if there is only one file in it or 
And there would be a gradient from empty to full. If there are very lot 
files in it, then it would show a very full trash.
If the size of all files in the trash together would be bigger, then the 
free space on the drive, the color of the trash could be changed to red. And 
if the trash will be fuller and fuller and the free space go to zero, then 
the trash will be more red and more red.

If a program was started, the icon could be changed, so that you can see, 
that this program is already running.

You could change the colors of the icons by the day rythm.
On day, the icons could be colorfull and bright.
In the night, they could be more to dark, with some lights on it.

Moonlight based desktop-icons would also be interacting to each other.

So, Moonlight could revolutionize the dektop.

So, it would be nice, if anybody would create an alternative Linux-dektop 
based on Moonlight with Moonlight-icons.


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