[Mono-list] Using System.Net.Mail in Mono 1.2.4 to send smtp message not working...

Jon Cosby jon at jcosby.com
Mon Jul 30 14:23:26 EDT 2007

jonnys wrote:
> I have a .NET application that I ported to Mono 1.2.4. It uses the
> System.Net.Mail reference. It works under .NET but not Mono. My application
> tries to send a message over smtp to a gmail server (which requires
> credentials and SSL). When I try to send the message I get an exception
> saying,  "the requested feature is not implemented". On further research I
> found out that Mono does not support System.Net.Mail. Is this true? What can
> i do to overcome this problem? Will It be implemented soon?

It should be implemented in 2.0. Problem with it is it gives raw
linefeeds and some servers will bounce that. I had to revert to

Jon Cosby

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