[Mono-list] Project for Win/Mac Mono experienced coder

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 09:25:10 EDT 2007

If you a man year or three of development time spare, you could work help
with creating a 'port' of XNA. However if you don't have that time spare,
then your game won't be running on anything other than windows for a while
as XNA is not crossplatform yet.


On 7/16/07, jackpotdk <jackpotdk at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope I'm allowed to make this posting here - Otherwise please accept
> my appologies.
> I'm looking for a Mono experienced developer to assist us with a
> commercial project. We're fine with outsourcing this, so this may be
> something for you if you have free time or are a student.
> We have a .net / XNA based project (a game) consisting of a) the game,
> and b) an API. We would like to be able to distribute the game as an
> installable package for PC (and optionally Mac), and see Mono as a
> sensible solution.
> We need someone to help us with:
> - Getting the game to work flawlessly on PC (and optionally Mac) as a
> native .EXE through Mono.
> - Make sure the API is ported in a manner that allows us to re-use for
> future projects.
> - Optimizing the size of the redistributable
> - Generating and documenting a package we can use to generate install
> packages of the current and future games.
> If interested, please send a mail to jackpotdk at gmail.com with
> information about yourself and projects you have worked with. If it
> looks like you can do a good job, Ill return more information to you,
> and you can make me a commercial offer.
> Thanks,
> /Thomas
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