[Mono-list] Client/Server and exporting to spredsheets

paulomorfeo at portugalmail.pt paulomorfeo at portugalmail.pt
Tue Jan 23 05:44:48 EST 2007

  Hello, again. Long time since i stoped monitoring these lists. Actually, i
still don't, so please CC/BCC mail me any response as well.
  I am writing a portable aplication for mono and i need to do 2 things.

  1- Export spredsheets into excel and OpenOffice (odt?). Any info or tutorials
on how to do that? That would suposedly be easy and comon to find, but i haven't
found info about that. Surely there must be some tutorials/docs out there that i
haven't found and someone can point to me!?

  2- I want clients to access a database server, but, to improve security, i
want a server aplication to run on that machine, serving as a middle-man,
controling access. This will allow the database server to not be accessible to
the outside.
  It will also allow me to secure the connections between this server and the
clients, right? What technologies should i use in mono for that?
  All i found has been examples for ms.net and examples of remoting (not
accessible in mono!?), and sockets/TcpClients. Those, only allow me to send
bytes making it extremely hard to send/receive the data i gathered from the DB
to the clients.
  Isn't there another way to comunicate with clients from a server aplication,
where i can request and send, for example, a full DataSet object into the
clients (preferably in a secure way)? I think WebServices allow something
similar, at least, but that works on top of ASP.NET, right? Meaning i would need
a web server runing mono. It would be preferably to not need that, that is, if
WebServices really do what i asked for.

  I'm sorry if these questions are easy to find but i haven't found them. I only
have sporadical access to the Internet, greatly limiting my search capabilities.
  Thanks for any help.


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