[Mono-list] make check failure

Chris Seaton chris at chrisseaton.com
Mon Jan 22 18:53:08 EST 2007


I'm compiling the mono- tar ball straight out of the box, ran  
make check and I get this unit test failure

Test run: image=/Users/chrisseaton/Desktop/mono- 
iltests.exe, opts=
Test 'test_24_tail_calls2' failed result (got 28, expected 24).

Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference  
not set to an instance of an object
   at System.String.memcpy4 (System.Byte* dest, System.Byte* src,  
Int32 size) [0x00000]
   at System.String.memcpy (System.Byte* dest, System.Byte* src,  
Int32 size) [0x00000]
   at Tests.tail1 (TailCallStruct arg) [0x00000]
   at Tests.test_0_tail_calls () [0x00000]

It just hangs after that. All the tests before it run fine. I've been  
using the binary release fine, on exactly the same system. Mac OS X  
10.4 on PowerPC.

What's wrong?


Chris Seaton

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