[Mono-list] Mono + VB.NET?

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I'am newby with mono and UBUNTU (1 month) and french... so excuse my
I was trying to use a program using  System.Collections.Generic.Queue
I downloaded the latest sources of mono
reading them, no traces of .Queue or .Stack in System.Collections.Generic.
with google searching "System.Collections.Generic.Queue mono" i found:
it seem's that at this time .Queue & .Stack are still not implemented

Your problem seems similar to mine

I'd did not find the "Howto" patch the program with the Queue.cs
Stack.csproposed on the link above.

So if somebody could explain howto patch mono I think the problem would be

2007/1/4, Will Murnane <will.murnane at gmail.com>:
> I did a full re-install with code from svn in hopes that that would
> change things.
> > > I'm trying to run a VB.NET web app under Linux using Mono and vbnc.
> > > When I run xsp in the directory with the files and try to access
> > > HelloWorld.aspx, I get a 500 client-side with this information:
> > > Description: Error processing request.
> > vbnc is not working with web apps yet (it will hopefully very soon)
> Can I beta-test this or something?  Is there code missing for this
> that I might be able to contribute?  Is the problem in vbnc or xsp?
> > For some reason it looks like vbnc.exe got into your v1.0 gac, while it
> is a
> > v2.0 only assembly.
> I figured out what happened, I think - I had linked mbas.exe (which
> xsp references) to vbnc.  Since mbas is in .../1.0, it must make vbnc
> ask for 1.0 libraries instead of 2.0.  Any suggestions on how I could
> make xsp look for vbnc instead of mbas?
> > What happens if you copy vbnc.exe to some other directory and then run
> "mono
> > vbnc.exe test.vb"?
> This is now working, even without vbnc somewhere else.  Thanks for the
> 1.0/2.0 suggestion.
> Will
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