[Mono-list] Is Mono-Software ready to build with them an Point of Sale application ?

Peter Bradley P.Bradley at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jan 9 10:15:16 EST 2007

Ysgrifennodd Romulo Hunter:
> Hello everybody....
> I need to develop an application to point of sale (pos). This
> application must to handle : write invoices, tails, pays media, etc.
> I need to know any opinion about it. Is mono ready to live and work
> fine in this environment ?
> Thanks in advance...
Just about any programming language and associated runtime facilities 
can do just about anything its possible to do with computer software.  
Whether a particular platform is the *right* one though ...

If you are lucky enough to be currently agnostic on this matter with 
respect to the system you're going to write, my advice FWIW would be to 
do your analysis and determine the most appropriate architecture for 
what the analysis indicates you want to achieve, and then and only then 
start looking around for the most appropriate framework, taking into 
account things like the existing skills and expertise of developers and 
so on, wrt the project's requirements.  For example, will you need to 
implement a multi-tier architecture?  A service-oriented architecture?  
Will the front end be a thick client?  Thin client?  Web client?  What 
skills do the developers already have?  Java?  C++?  .NET?  Have they 
programmed in a platform-agnostic way before?  Do they need to now?  Or 
will your application "always" run in a particular environment?  Will 
the program's components need to communicate over a network?  What 
protocols can you choose from?  What protocols would be most suitable?  
What are the security requirements of the system?  Will the application 
have to talk to legacy systems?  What investment has your company 
already made in development tools?  What system will require the least 
investment in infrastructure and training? etc etc.

(And probably most importantly, what's your PHB's current favourite 
programming buzzword du jour?)



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