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Austin Winstanley austin at tradelogic.com
Thu Feb 8 21:04:34 EST 2007

I'd be happy to set the whole thing up, but as I am still learning Mono it
would take some community participation for the Blogs/news/newletters/forum

On 2/8/07, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> > Maybe it would be good form to start even an online publication on mono,
> > or get one of the several linux publications to do a series on
> development
> > with the mono framework..?
> It would be great.
> A few years ago, we had the "Mono Weekly News" which covered
> developments on SVN, new features, discussions on the mailing lists and
> irc.
> I miss those days;   Although I try to capture the "high level" news on
> the release notes, the release notes are not the right vehicle to pass
> information around.
> I think the Mono Weekly News could come in the form of a blog.
> > Without an increasing mindshare, I think that to some extent adoption
> will
> > stagnate a bit... most of the people I know that are .Net developers
> have
> > the following response, or one like it... "I looked at Mono a couple
> years
> > ago, but it was (too hard to configure|didn't run my project), and
> haven't
> > looked at it since..."
> I agree.   We should for instance track the progress in Moma (see the
> "change" field in our Moma reports).
> The major issue, as always, is that someone needs to "own" this task and
> run with it.
> Miguel.
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