[Mono-list] Just a thought...

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Feb 8 05:42:39 EST 2007


> Maybe it would be good form to start even an online publication on mono,
> or get one of the several linux publications to do a series on development 
> with the mono framework..?

It would be great.

A few years ago, we had the "Mono Weekly News" which covered
developments on SVN, new features, discussions on the mailing lists and

I miss those days;   Although I try to capture the "high level" news on
the release notes, the release notes are not the right vehicle to pass
information around.

I think the Mono Weekly News could come in the form of a blog.

> Without an increasing mindshare, I think that to some extent adoption will
> stagnate a bit... most of the people I know that are .Net developers have
> the following response, or one like it... "I looked at Mono a couple years
> ago, but it was (too hard to configure|didn't run my project), and haven't
> looked at it since..."

I agree.   We should for instance track the progress in Moma (see the
"change" field in our Moma reports).

The major issue, as always, is that someone needs to "own" this task and
run with it.

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