[Mono-list] Mono and AJAX

Garth Keesler garthk at gdcjk.com
Fri Dec 21 06:34:08 EST 2007

I am primarily a Dot.Net 2.0 C# developer, in some cases using Com 
Interop to work with legacy VBA apps. I am about to rewrite one of these 
apps and have permission to explore Open Source since we have no desire 
to upgrade all of our MS software (yet again). The two main options are 
Apache Geronimo with Java or JRuby and Mono. This is *not* an A vs B 
question. No flames please! :-) I just want to know the tool set that 
would be most appropriate for developing a Mono/AJAX application. It is 
not entirely clear to me which tools would make the development easiest. 
That includes an IDE since my days of using vi (or even JEdit) as my 
primary editor are long gone. Would I continue to use VS2005 or switch 
to MonoDevelop?  I understand that AJAX is primarily a client-side 
technology but ASP.Net AJAX has some nice features that appear to make 
development easier.

Feedback welcome,

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