[Mono-list] Porting issues

eschneider at schneidersoft.com eschneider at schneidersoft.com
Wed Dec 12 01:15:57 EST 2007

Ok, I reran MoMA while including used libraries. I See issues on the report
now. Should still show errors when run though.


void ShowPopup(Form, Form, Point)

void keybd_event(byte, byte, int, int)


void WndProc(Message&)

int SendMessage(IntPtr, int, int, IntPtr)


DateTime DateConvert(DateTime, Calendar)

void DateTime..ctor(int, int, int, int, int, int, int, Calendar)

The Calendar is not taken into consideration

Calendar CreateCalendar()

void ChineseLunisolarCalendar..ctor()

Not Specified

Calendar CreateCalendar()

void JapaneseLunisolarCalendar..ctor()

Not Specified

Calendar CreateCalendar()

void KoreanLunisolarCalendar..ctor()

Not Specified

Calendar CreateCalendar()

void TaiwanLunisolarCalendar..ctor()

Not Specified



I will review these, and see what to do.






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I tried it without the redirect also, and nothing.
Also I can't get it to work in the VMWARE OpenSUSE, I get the same results.

Also note I have other apps working, so mono seems to be working, both on my

Assuming I can't get any errors, what's the next step, debug in Visual
I do a lot of system.drawing calls, and some reflection, could that be a

Keep in mind I  am a windows guy, and a bit rusty on linux...



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> I have also tried "mono.exe myapp.exe 2> error.log" but the error log is
> empty.

What about running without redirection, what error is shown in the

> I'm using XP64 if it matters, and VS2008 beta.

Mono does not have a Win64 port, I do not know if the 32 bit binary
works on Windows, I guess it probably does.

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