[Mono-list] 1.2.6 Native SWF on osx

Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Thu Dec 13 11:54:52 EST 2007

> 1. (High importance) I have a control that need to redraw itself  
> every 50 ms, and now it flickers each time I call invalidate() (and  
> it's a big problem when invalidate() called every 50ms). Maybe it's  
> a result of the messages to the terminal?

This is a known bug that we're working on still.  No ETA.  We accept  
patches :)

> 2. The window title does not respond - no window moving, close  
> button, etc.

This is fixed in my local tree and will hit SVN with the patch  
mentioned below.

> 3.  (Just a GUI thing) I have a toolbar that should be a vertical  
> toolbar (because it is located on the left hand side of the window)  
> but it appears as horizontal toolbar. In addition, it's not possible  
> to change the toolbar location using drag and drop.

Drag & Drop currently isn't implemented.  I'm about 50% of the way  
thru it on my local tree and it will be my next big code drop.  When  
it lands I will update my MWF-updater


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