[Mono-list] mono-xmltool and relaxng compact include

Travis Staloch twostepted at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 10:07:43 EST 2007

I'm using mono-xmltool to validate an xml document against a relaxng compact (.rnc) schema.  I get this error if I use an include for a file which is in the same directory as the referencing .rnc file.  

Tokenizer error at line 3, column 10: irrecoverable syntax error

This error goes away when I comment out the include.  Does anyone know what I should do about this?  

I've included a simple schema and instance xml file to produce this error message below.



include "Strippable.rnc"

element root {
  element child1 {text}* &
  element child2 {text}*

  <child1>Some text</child1>
  <child2>Some text</child2>
  <child2>Some text</child2>
  <child1>Some text</child1>

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