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José A. Salvador Vanaclocha joansava at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 03:57:01 EST 2007

2007/12/6, Luca Tettamanti <kronos.it at gmail.com>:
> On Dec 3, 2007 9:22 PM, Petit Eric <surfzoid at gmail.com> wrote:
> > hi folk
> > I just see last week, there is a firefox addon to suport the Microsoft
> > ClickOnce technology, so is Mono/MonoDevelop team plane to suport this
> > one.
> > Just for info here is the link of ClickOnce for firefox development :
> > http://www.softwarepunk.com/ffclickonce/
> If you need just the auto-update part:
> http://www.ddaysoftware.com/Pages/Projects/DDay.Update/
> It uses click-once manifests.
> Luca
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So we can use the dday.update component in our mono applications, don't you?
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