[Mono-list] TCPClient not normal bevaiour

Phillip N. pneumann at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 07:27:45 EST 2007

Dear mono's..

Im using a simple tcpclient as follows:

TcpClient socket = new TcpClient(host, 5038);
StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(
new StreamWriter(socket.GetStream(), Encoding.Default).BaseStream,
new StreamWriter(socket.GetStream(), Encoding.Default).Encoding
writer.Write("GET /");

im throwing the request to 'socat' to see whats flying around, and see
the folowing output:

> 2007/12/04 12:08:46.497805  length=3 from=0 to=2
...> 2007/12/04 12:08:46.500647  length=5 from=3 to=7

Wich are two requests, one 3 bytes, and the other 5 bytes long. the last
one if correct, but the first one, i dont know where/why is it comming

What do you think could be the problem?

This happends just on this particular mashine, wich is a FreeBSD/i386
one. (mono
It does work fine on windows, linux and freebsd/amd64.

For testing i had mono 1.2.6 installed in here, but wiped it out
completly, i see nothong laying around for 1.2.6. Just see bits.

Any information about what could couse this, would be helpful


Phillip N. <pneumann at gmail.com>

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