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Mon Aug 27 18:56:57 EDT 2007

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>> I've been playing around with a website for open
>> source .Net information, mainly Mono. It would include
>> code samples and tutorials. I would be more than happy
>> to take contributions. I'm doing it on my own time,
>> though, and it's in the planning stages.
>> http://freedotnet.org

> Or just use an established site like CodeProject.Org

I really like CodeProject, but the people who comment on articles are
often mean and/or clueless. It can be brutal. I was going to post
articles there several times, but I'm not prepared to deal with the

Posters who rate articles and submit public questions to authors should
consider the intent of the article and its target audience before they
rate it. If it's an intro article you shouldn't slam it because it
doesn't discuss disassembly of CLR code, or stack-walks to determine
code access security restrictions. Similarly, if it is a deep article
you shouldn't post introductory level questions because someone who has
the expertise and takes the time to document the inner workings of .net
is probably not the right person to teach you how to compile a program.

I've seen people give poor ratings on CodeProject for a plethora of dump
reasons. I wish they'd require people who give bad ratings to give at
least a 1-line explanation of why they rated it low. It's not good
enough to say "this article sucks"! Instead, you should say "this
article did a poor job of explaining x, y, and z." Constructive
criticism helps us to improve, but idiots just piss us off.

Sites that publish articles without a rating or comment system are
sometimes a safer venue. It's true that it's harder to do Q and A with
the author, but if the author has a contact link you can email him

I like the graphic layout of freedotnet, and it seems like a good
alternative to me. We can have more than one site for contributions.
Google knows all, anyway.


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