[Mono-list] Couple of questions

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 10:07:22 EDT 2007

>> 1.)  Our licensing system does not offer a 64bit library for linux.
>> The company says that it should be "backwards compatible", but every
>> time we try to P/Invoke into that library on 64bit, it comes back that
>> the library is either missing or corrupted.  It's not missing, and
>> I've double checked the config file dllmaps, I've pasted the thing
>> everywhere.  It sees it, so I think it's saying it's corrupted.  Is
>> this expected?  Is there any way to get this 32bit library that we
>> currently us (and works) to work on our 64bit machine?
> There are two answers to this question.
> 1. It's possible to run a 32-bit executable on a 64-bit OS.
> 2. It's NOT (easily) possible to run a 32-bit library within a 64-bit OS
> process.

If you need to run 32-bit code as well as 64-bit code or just want to use 
64-bit code as well for performance reasons you should run two separate 
processes and use inter-process communication between them. If you like 
managed code I suggest to use .NET remoting that makes you able to use 
remote objects as well.


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