[Mono-list] Apache + Mono on large scalable website.

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Mon Sep 18 17:10:07 EDT 2006

Antonello Provenzano wrote:
> I'm planning to launch a web site dispatching a *huge* deal of
> information, that I believe (better saying I hope) it will be accessed
> by thousands of users a day.
> The back-end of the application is running under Debian with Mono
> 1.1.3, without any problem (at least, not caused by Mono itself... :).
> The front-end of the application is still under development and we're
> considering using Linux + Apache + Mono stack for it, rather than
> Windows + IIS + .NET.
> Now I would like to have further information about the stability of
> mod-mono-server in such this context and, possibly, having some
> references to other similar projects using the same stack.

I run the same stack for www.govtrack.us which gets around 15k page
views a day, on a mid-to-low-end server.  Up to about this load I have
had no stability issues and would definitely recommend using mono.
(OTOH, I generate each page in an unusual way, so I can't speak for the
ASPX side of things.)

Above that load, I've had some memory issues where mono would grow in
size over the course of a day filling up the available RAM.  At least
one other person has posted a similar problem to the list.  On the
bright side, I haven't had this problem recently, but I've had less
traffic recently than when I last saw the problem.  (And, OTOH, I can't
say for sure that that was even mono's fault and not my own.)  The
solution was to restart mod-mono-server often (whenever the server
started to get a bit unresponsive).

It sounds like your site might be around that threshold where I started
to have problems, so I can't say anything conclusive besides best of luck!

- Joshua Tauberer


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