[Mono-list] Apache + Mono on large scalable website.

Antonello Provenzano antonello at deveel.com
Mon Sep 18 16:31:13 EDT 2006

Hi guys,

I'm planning to launch a web site dispatching a *huge* deal of
information, that I believe (better saying I hope) it will be accessed
by thousands of users a day.
The back-end of the application is running under Debian with Mono
1.1.3, without any problem (at least, not caused by Mono itself... :).
The front-end of the application is still under development and we're
considering using Linux + Apache + Mono stack for it, rather than
Windows + IIS + .NET.

Now I would like to have further information about the stability of
mod-mono-server in such this context and, possibly, having some
references to other similar projects using the same stack.

Thanks for everything.

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