[Mono-list] NCursesSharp's progress

Florian Hester florian at nedlinux.nl
Sun Sep 17 16:10:00 EDT 2006


I have been working on NCursesSharp lately trying to get it crossplatform.
I have found a Curses version for Windows, called PDCurses:
http://pdcurses.sourceforge.net/. I have been able to compile it, write a
C wrapper and use it in Mono C# ( and .NET C# (2.0). I have tried
a simple program and  it works (on Windows).

Instead just using PDCurses on Windows and Linux, i was thinking on using
the Curses version based on the platform CursesSharp is running on. Using
NCurses on Linux, and PDCurses on Windows. This ofcourse has to be decided
compile time.

I currently dont have an example ready yet, i will try to get one ready soon.

Ofcourse keeping NCursesSharp named the way it is now wouldnt be right, so
now it is CursesSharp :-) .

Florian Hester

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