[Mono-list] ves_icall_FieldInfo_SetValueInternal

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Sep 15 13:43:54 EDT 2006

Bruce Wilkie wrote:
> i'm seeing a bug where setting a static field uses the class the
> field is on: -------------- MonoVTable *vtable = mono_class_vtable
> (mono_object_domain (field), field->klass); --------------
> consider, however, that the static field is coming from a base class.
> in this case, it seems that vtable should really be the vtable of the
> base class?  i don't see a way to trivially understand when this
> traversal needs to happen, however.

Which traversal? Since mono_class_vtable () is called on
field's declaring class, the returned vtable will be always

However, IIRC there are some corner cases where

	mono_runtime_class_init (vtable);

has to be previously invoked, otherwise the involved .cctors won't
be called (or they will be called lately, overriding the values set
with mono_field_static_set_value ()).

Could you please provide a test case for your problem?


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