[Mono-list] ves_icall_FieldInfo_SetValueInternal

Bruce Wilkie bruce at bwilkie.com
Fri Sep 15 13:21:09 EDT 2006

i'm seeing a bug where setting a static field uses the class the field is on:
    MonoVTable *vtable = mono_class_vtable (mono_object_domain (field), field->klass);

consider, however, that the static field is coming from a base class.  in this case, it seems that vtable should really be the vtable of the base class?  i don't see a way to trivially understand when this traversal needs to happen, however.
end result, I end up crashing in mono_set_value(...), because dest is null, because the vt data for the top level class was null (correct, because it has no statics).
thoughts?  am I imagining things?

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