[Mono-list] apache terminating mod_mono?

Mike Glenn mglenn at zoominternet.net
Fri Sep 1 14:01:18 EDT 2006

 OK some digging and debugging turned up this:

If no apache MonoUnixSocket flag is defined in the config then the server tries
to load:

[Fri Sep 01 13:44:54 2006] [warn] Socket file name /tmp/mod_mono_server_global

Where as the man page for mod-mono-server says:
 --filename file (mod-mono-server only)
              The unix socket file name to listen on.  Default value:

and mod_mono.c has:

MAKE_CMD12 (MonoUnixSocket, filename,
	"Named pipe file name. Mutually exclusive with MonoListenPort. "
	"Default: /tmp/mod_mono_server"

I had added this line to the apache config because I was apache/mod_mono were
not communicating with mod-mono-server:
MonoUnixSocket default /tmp/mod_mono_server

this seems to have caused mod_mono.so to think there where two instances of
mod-mono-server/xsp running.
One that was set to MonoRunXSP False and one that was true. I added some
debugging lines to mod_mono.c and heres what I got in the terminate loop:

static apr_status_t
terminate_xsp2 (void *data, char *alias)
  /* alias may be NULL to terminate all XSPs */
  server_rec *server;
  module_cfg *config;
  apr_socket_t *sock;
  apr_status_t rv;
  char *termstr = "";
  xsp_data *xsp;
  int i;

  DEBUG_PRINT (0, "Terminate XSP");
  server = (server_rec *) data;
  config = ap_get_module_config (server->module_config, &mono_module);

  for (i = 0; i < config->nservers; i++) {
    xsp = &config->servers [i];
    DEBUG_PRINT (0, "XSP Setting: %s", xsp->run_xsp);
    if (xsp->run_xsp && !strcasecmp (xsp->run_xsp, "false"))

[Fri Sep 01 13:40:28 2006] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down
[Fri Sep 01 13:40:28 2006] [warn] Terminate XSP
[Fri Sep 01 13:40:28 2006] [warn] XSP Setting: False
[Fri Sep 01 13:40:28 2006] [warn] XSP Setting: True
[Fri Sep 01 13:40:28 2006] [warn] Socket file name /tmp/mod_mono_server
[Fri Sep 01 13:40:28 2006] [warn] try_connect: 0

So in the end I changed mod-mono-server --filename /tmp/mod_mono_server_global
and now things are working again as expected. But it seems that the defaults are
not what the use to be or that the docs need updated.

Mike Glenn

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> Subject: [Mono-list] apache terminating mod_mono?
> A little background:
> I run mod-mono-server with its own init script.
> I run apache with the MonoRunXSP False flag
> This allows me to start and stop apache and mod-mono-server 
> independently of
> each other. 
> I.E. when I take down mod-mono-server apache displays a 
> custom error page
> informing the user that we are working on the site instead of 
> a message from the
> browser that no such server exists. On the flip side I can 
> make a change to the
> apache config and reload with out going through the restart 
> time or session loss
> on the running mod-mono-server.
> I recently updated to mono, xsp and mod_mono to 1.1.17 from 
> 1.1.13 and now when
> I stop apache it kills mod-mono-server. I've tested and the 
> same thing occurs
> using both unix and tcp sockets. 
> Can anyone advise me on this?
> Thanks for your time.
> Mike Glenn
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