[Mono-list] apache terminating mod_mono?

Mike Glenn mglenn at zoominternet.net
Fri Sep 1 12:00:19 EDT 2006

A little background:

I run mod-mono-server with its own init script.
I run apache with the MonoRunXSP False flag

This allows me to start and stop apache and mod-mono-server independently of
each other. 
I.E. when I take down mod-mono-server apache displays a custom error page
informing the user that we are working on the site instead of a message from the
browser that no such server exists. On the flip side I can make a change to the
apache config and reload with out going through the restart time or session loss
on the running mod-mono-server.

I recently updated to mono, xsp and mod_mono to 1.1.17 from 1.1.13 and now when
I stop apache it kills mod-mono-server. I've tested and the same thing occurs
using both unix and tcp sockets. 

Can anyone advise me on this?

Thanks for your time.

Mike Glenn

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