[Mono-list] Putting together a Mono presentation

Jay R. Wren jrwren at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 14:32:41 EDT 2006

I presented both an ASP.NET centered presentation and a desktop
application centered presentation about Mono at Penguicon 4.0

I presented variants of these at MDLUG, SEMISLUG and Ann Arbor Dot Net
Developers Group.

Variants of these are available at:
Desktop Apps:
(include a short and long abstract for use in UG announcements)
(my own notes, so that I remember what to say - these are a disorganized
mess and for me only, but maybe you will find them useful)

The demos of building a trivial GTK# app and running it on windows as
well as building a trivial Windows Forms app in Visual Studio and
running it in Linux did get some audible "oohs and aahs" at a couple of
the events.

Similarly for ASP.NET:
(my own notes)

I based what I did off of a presentation which Buddy Lindsey gave and
was kind enough to share the PPT back in January or February.

Jay R. Wren

Adam Williams wrote:
>> I'm hoping to put together a presentation on Mono for my local .NET
>> users group and my local Linux Users group.  Naturally, the exact same
>> presentation couldn't be used for both (not all the LUG users are
>> familiar with .NET/Mono).
>> Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had resources they could share with
>> me.  Both presentations would be delivered the first week of November
>> 2006.
> I did a presentation for a LUG awhile ago -
> ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/mono.pdf
> I can send you the source (OpenOffice) document off-list if you are
> interested.
> Note that their FTP server is *f*l*a*k*y* so it make take a couple of
> tries to actually get the document
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