[Mono-list] ASP and ASP.NET Questions not in the FAQ

steflik steflik at binghamton.edu
Mon Oct 16 08:02:09 EDT 2006

I'm a Mono newbie with a couple of ASP questions. I'm running 
Mono/Apache on Fedora Core 5 with good results (for the most part). Even 
have the interface to MySqQL working with standalone C# (ASP will be 
today). Heres the questions:

1. Can Mono run "Classic ASP" applications, if so how? I can't find an 
example anywhere, please point me to a working example..

2. I've written several ASP.NET applications using C# and the all seem 
to work but I have yet to be able to get one in VB to work. Does the VB 
part of Mone not work?  If it does can someone point me to a real 
working example as this is driving me nuts.

Dick Steflik
Dept of Computer Science
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY


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