[Mono-list] Cleaning shit up (Re: Uncertainty and Doubt about MONO)

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Sat Nov 4 19:34:43 EST 2006

Alexandru Nedelcu wrote:
> Hi,
> I always respected Miguel de Icaza's judgment and he always has a good 
> and sane point of view.
> I am a little troubled about the recent announcement, about the 
> Novell/Microsoft agreement.

Obviously you don't appreciate much from his posts before, as it is
very unlikely that you could understand them.

> Didn't Miguel de Icaza assured us that Mono was safe, that there are no 
> known patents that Mono infringes, that .NET is an ECMA
> standard, that even if Mono infringes on some patents then the Open 
> Inventions Network will protect it ?

In objective perspective, he did along with the context above.
In subjective perspective, Miguel never assured idiots like you that.
In that context, he just assured those who understand him so well.

> Didn't Miguel said that Novell conducted a whole investigation on 
> Microsoft owned patents and no infringed patents where found ?

No he didn't did. If you object, showed the exact evidence.

> And Novell is the owner of the Unix copyrights (I am no lawyer, so 
> please correct me if I am wrong) ... and Novell just
> admitted that GNU/Linux has pieces that infringe on Microsoft's 
> intellectual property ?

You want to conceive us like your Microsoft that Linux infringes
MS patents, but Novell never said Linux infringes MS patents.

On the other hand, no one assured that Linux infringes or will
infringe others' patents (that's ok; if someone blames patent 
infringement, then he or she must *first* point the exact patents
out). But that does not mean Linux is always safe.

As Miguel has always been pointing out, no software in the world
is safe in this context.

If someone says that if there is no assurance on a technology
we should never push it, then what happens to W3C.

> True or not true ... there are many companies that might stand up and 
> demand the same royalties that Microsoft is asking.
> The solution is to fight  the whole software patents system, not getting 
> around it by a minor deal with the devil himself.

Some economists and legal scholars has been successful to weaken
software patents by writing evident papers asserting that software
patents are rather harmful. I also wrote some legal analysis on
software patents in the context of Japanese legal academic argument
and sent them to the government.

Some other people, like Bill Gates, claimed that US patent system
should not grant too many patents.

None of idiots like you made it successful. You never fight software
patents in reality.

> What if companies like IBM or Oracle or Apple take a stand and demand 
> the same thing ?

You should read Miguel's posts 100x again and understand what OIN is.

> Miguel says in his blog something like:
>     "So today we have secured a peace of mind for Novell customers that 
> might have been worried about possible patent infringements open source 
> deployments"
> But doesn't anyone at Novell notice that the REST of the open-source 
> landscape is now in a greater danger than before ?

Huh? Nothing has changed in non-mono land in this context.

Unlike idiots like you, Microsoft and Novell know that the partnership
will expire at 2012. (as a sane person) I see no reason to endanger
their own businesses.

> What is happening ?
> I already invested in Mono, I also switched to Gnome the whole network 
> that I am managing, Gnome which is tainted with
> Novell's products.
> I am not the only one wondering: 
> http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20061103073628401

You are not the only one idiot wondering, but you are the only idiot
who tries to throw your shit to others. Let's wait for your
graduation from junior high school and post again.

Atsushi Eno

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