[Mono-list] Re: webserver and fonts

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sun May 28 17:08:11 EDT 2006

Jim Hunt wrote:
> hey
> i'm trying to move some work from an iis platform to apache and mono
> how does mono get fonts from the system?
> we're running a minimal installation of fedora core 5 with apache 2 and 
> mono
> plus database and thats about it
> so if i check the InstalledFontCollection its all empty. where and how do i
> add fonts (ideally truetype) to be available system wide in mono (across 
> all
> mono asp.net applications) in this installed font collection?

Look up the fonts directories of your distribution from
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf and copy your fonts to one of
the listed dirs. It's usually /usr/share/fonts/.

Run fc-cache when you're ready.


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