[Mono-list] webserver and fonts

Jim Hunt jim at helvector.com
Sat May 27 13:10:54 EDT 2006


i'm trying to move some work from an iis platform to apache and mono

how does mono get fonts from the system?

we're running a minimal installation of fedora core 5 with apache 2  
and mono
plus database and thats about it

so if i check the InstalledFontCollection its all empty. where and  
how do i
add fonts (ideally truetype) to be available system wide in mono  
(across all
mono asp.net applications) in this installed font collection?

i've also tried as a quick fix to just make a private font collection  
and load
the fonts in there, but although it all seems to go smoothly, with  
the code
running fine on the server no text gets rendered in, kinda like on  
iis if the
font is just unavailable. tricky to troubleshoot with no errors  
coming up

any hints and tips on adding fonts to the system to use with  
would be really appreciated

apart from that its all going really well, so if i can get this  
little issue sorted
out its looking really good

cheers for any help you can offer

jim hunt

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