[Mono-list] Mono rpm repositories

Joe Shaw joeshaw at novell.com
Wed May 24 13:10:39 EDT 2006


On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 12:18 -0600, Wade Berrier wrote:
> Does anyone have anything against having just one mono channel for each
> of these services?  I'm not aware of any advantages of having multiple
> channels.
> Comments, suggestions?

>From the old Red Carpet perspective, the reason for having different
channels other than a conceptual organizational concept is because it
has an impact on dependency resolution.  Generally speaking, packages
from subscribed channels are preferred over packages from unsubscribed
channels, making it fairly easy to have the same software offered in
"stable" and "experimental" channels without too much trouble.

I don't know if the new libzypp stuff in zmd has this same sort of stuff
in its depsolver.

The mono channels don't really seem to have a setup like that, so just
having one channel for everything is probably fine for the new stuff.


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