[Mono-list] Re: app runs on windows, not on linux

Travis Staloch twostepted at yahoo.com
Wed May 24 05:17:11 EDT 2006


After adding some additional logging to my app, it is
now running on my FC5 box!  Thanks alot to all who
helped me out.  

BTW, the Gtk-WARNING I was getting (below) proved to
be really deceptive.  I didn't end up having any
encoding problems.  The problem really occurred when I
had given my app an incorrect path to its .xml config
file.  Since it couldn't find the config, it must have
passed an empty string to a Gtk Label as Markup... I'm
really not sure, but this message sure sent me

Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to set label from markup due to
error parsing markup: Error on line 4 char 6: '0' is
not a valid character following a '<' character; it
may not begin an element name

Thanks, Regards,


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