[Mono-list] Re: Compiling .NET programs to EXE files that run without Mono/NET Framework

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon May 22 04:32:30 EDT 2006


> Need some advice from the gurus here or at least to point me to the 
> right documentation to read.
> a. I am running XP and would like to compile .NET programs to standalone 
> EXE files that run without Mono/NET Framework.
> b. I tried using mono --aot filename.exe and noticed that Mono runs 2 
> programs - AS (assembler) and gcc (to link). The filename that is 
> generated is filename.exe.dll as I had MingW installed in my PC as well.

mono --aot is not intended to produce standalone executables.

Have a look at mkbundle and its man page. You'll need at least
Mono 1.1.15 and a working cygwin environment for the build


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